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Started originally as MPC Distribution in August 2011, longtime friends and business partners Michael Lorda and Bill Rhoten recognized the rapidly changing landscape of the music business due to technological developments. Primarily focused on digital distribution, MPC was responsible for distributing an eclectic variety of music from artists, songwriters and producers across many musical styles.


In 2013, the duo expanded the operation to offer music publishing administration services. With this change, the MPC Distribution title displayed limitations to the full scope of the company’s services. As a result, the company rebranded as Unlimited Sounds Publishing & Distribution, LLC in November 2013. Administering publishing for their existing roster allowed the company to collect royalties from performance rights organizations as well as mechanical royalties from the proper entities. Unlimited Sounds has also built a network of sub-publishers to allow for the collection of royalties in foreign territories. The company continues to stay on top of industry changes as laws, amendments and new bills are implemented to reflect technological advancements and changes in how music is broadcast and consumed.





Joshua Smotherman (COO) joined the company in Q1 2015. With degrees in Music Business and Anthropology from Middle Tennessee State University, experience working for independent publishers on Music Row in Nashville, he has a thorough understanding of the strategies, tools, and resources in the rapidly developing new media and digital marketing industries. His first task was to develop UL Sounds' social media presence, assist their roster with marketing strategies, and provide insight into various aspects of developing a career as an indie musician. Joshua has also been writing about independent music and interviewing artists since 2011 for IndieMusicDiscovery.com. His book, Getting Your Music Heard Online (co-authored with C Bret Campbell), is available on Amazon as a paperback and Kindle. Joshua also teaches Music Business and Digital Marketing courses for the Conservatory of Music at University of the Pacific (Stockton) and serves as a coach for their student run record label, Pac Ave Records.

Richard L Ragudo, Jr. (Director of Events & Merchandise) has 30 years of experience in the music industry as an independent artist, promoter, manager, and small business consultant with expertise in special events. Mr. Ragudo joined Unlimited Sounds as a partner after several years of being a client. His vast network of industry specialists gives clients and affiliates access to a plethora of resources.  

Michael Lorda

Michael Lorda (Co-Founder), a Music Business graduate from UoP, has over 20+ years of experience working in business affairs, copyright, royalties and publishing administration at Monarch Records, Fantasy Records and Concord Music Group. For Unlimited Sounds, Michael served as Chief Operating Officer handling administrative, legal and financial duties, as well as assisting with the on-boarding process for new talent and music catalogs for 8 years. He also acted as a consultant and mentor for artists and labels trying to get a grasp on all things related to the music business. Now Michael is serving as a mentor for the new Chief Publishing Officer.

Bill Rhoten

Bill Rhoten (Co-Founder) has been a full time musician for 25+ years with an abundance of experience touring, producing, releasing and marketing his music independently. Bill serves as Chief Creative Officer and handles graphic design duties, is in charge of Unlimited Sounds' digital distribution arm, and works closely with our roster to ensure their upcoming release goes smoothly.

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